May beings everywhere, who suffer torment in their minds and bodies, be relieved by

the Love and Compassion of the Heart of God. May Center For Enlightened Living serve as a guide for

those who seek to leave the pain-filled darkness and enter into the light of supreme happiness.


How to Create an Account and Navigate inside this website

Please follow these simple steps and you will be on The Pathway To Self Mastery :

  1. Please visit www.thepathwaytoselfmastery.com  or click the "HOME" link on this page

  2. On the left panel, under the Login Button, please click on “Create an account” link.

  1. The "New user account" page will appear where you will put your chosen Login name and Password. Please fill out your email, your first name and your last name.
    You may leave the Comments section blank, then click the Register button.
    (Please note down your Login and Password somewhere safe, as you will
    need this information handy to Login every time)

  1. Congratulations, now, you will see this screen informing you of a successful registration:

  1. As shown above, please click the “Group/Lesson Key” Button.


  2. In the popup box that appears please enter this code:     2f8e4d


WARNING: Please note, if when  you click “Group/Lesson Key” Button and nothing appears or in spite of putting the code, you do not see any lessons, no worries. This can happen because of system overloads. If this happens, just forget the above code. Log out. Login after 6-12 hours again, within that time we would have activated your lessons from our end as you already would have created your account. Please do not create another account.

(Please do remember your login and password, and if ever you forget your password, simply email us for a new password on the email given in the beginning of this page. If you click on the “I forgot my password” link on the login page, do check your spam/junk folder, because usually the email sent by the system with a new password invariably lands into the spam folder.)


  1. Congratulations, now you have FREE access to GNOSIS:The Pathway To Self Mastery program. And you will see this page. Enjoy your lessons...

    As you can see above, now you are seeing the list of lessons, just click on the first one:    

    Read This First - Important

  1. When you will click on any lesson, you will see this screen:

All the main lessons are available in audio/video format for those who are not in habit of reading. And you have mp3 files for all lessons which you can download to your mobile/ipod for listening while on the move.

Then there are guided meditations audio/video for you to just click and practice.

  1. When you will click the "Start Lesson" button, the lesson will open:

When, you finish studying that lesson, if you would like to post any comment, you can click any of the link shown above to do so.

  1. Now, after you have studied that lesson, to go back to the Lessons List, please click on "my Courses" link as shown in the screenshot below to study the next lesson.


  1. But before you click that link, please ensure that you click the "Set the unit as complete" button at the end of the lesson you have finished studying.

Please note that without clicking the "Set the unit as completed" button on the previous lesson, you cannot move on to the next lesson. The next lesson won't open up.

The Pathway program is a progressive course, each week a new lesson will unfold and only when you have studied and practiced the previous lessons will you be able to understand and practice the advanced lessons coming thereafter. That is why to make sure that every student has studied all the lessons, we have put forth the following rule…


  1. To read what other fraternity members are talking about, please visit the FORUM.



  1. When you want to Review any previous lesson, click on that lesson again from the main Lessons list. And this screen will appear:

Just click on any of the two links shown above to review the lesson again.


  1. Please email us if you forget your password or need to contact us: 


    (Please ignore %20 when typing the email address)

If you haven't done so, please create an account now.....click here -->

IMPORTANT: After login, please read "Read This First - Important" and "How To Make The Most Of This Course" for important information regarding how to navigate through the Pathway.


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